More Ice, Lower Price

Where can you get twice the ice at a lower price? At your local North Carolina Ice House! Don’t settle for pre-bagged ice that could be days or weeks old when you could have fresh ice made right on-site from filtered water. Grab a 16-pound bag or 20 pounds of bulk ice in just seconds!

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North Carolina Icehouse is the exclusive distributor for freestanding ice vending machines (Ice Houses) manufactured by Ice House America in Northeastern and central North Carolina. Owning a low-maintenance, revenue-generating Ice House could be just the investment opportunity you’re looking for.

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Search from among 180+ Ice Houses in North Carolina for the one nearest you.

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Our animated commercial shows how simple it is to operate an Ice House. Whenever you need fresh, clean ice in a flash, find the nearest Ice House location, pull up with your cooler and a couple of bucks, and you’re in business!