Ice House Models

As an owner, you have your choice of three types of ice vending machines. For more information, call Kirk Parker at (919) 832-7300 or email us.

Ice House

The Ice House is our original ice vending machine. It has a 6,000 lbs bin capacity and has established a reputation as one of the best machines in its class. You’ll find this machine in busy business centers and other locations that experience high traffic volume. Here are some of the great benefits of an Ice House machine:

  • Available to both our franchisees and independent owners
  • Creates bulk or bagged ice
  • Dispenses bulk filtered water
  • Ice storage bin holds 6,500 lbs or 375 16 lb bags
  • 2 ice makers can create up to 13,000 lbs of ice, or 800 of our 16 lbs in just 24 hours
  • High capacity options
  • Measures 8.5’ W x 24’ D x 15’ H

Ice Kiosk

Our mid-sized ice vending machine is called the Ice Kiosk. It uses the aesthetic appeal of our Ice Express machine along with the reliability of the internal parts of the Ice House in a machine that’s less than 100 square feet. The Ice Kiosk only needs single phase electricity so it can fit into smaller areas that might be too tight for the Ice House machine. Here are some of the other great benefits of the Ice Kiosk machine:

  • Mid-sized machine for smaller footprint, two models avialable
  • Needs only single-phase electricity
  • Creates bagged ice and dispenses filtered water in bulk amounts
  • Ice bin can hold 2,500 lbs (in the 12 ft model) or 3,000 lbs (in the 16 ft model)
  • Produces between 1,840 and 5,520 lbs in 24 hours
  • Measures 6' 8" W x 12' D x 9' 3" H (12 ft model) or 6' 8" W x 16' D x 9' 3" H (16 foot model)

Ice Express

The Ice Express is our smallest ice vending machine model, making it ideal for both housing locations and retail spaces. With this machine, you can give your customers and guests fresh ice without waiting for a delivery truck or a machine taking up valuable floor space. Here are some of the benefits of the Ice Express:

  • Our smallest, most compact machine
  • Eliminates waiting for ice delivery or bulky ice storage unit
  • Creates bagged ice along with filtered or vitamin-enhanced water in bulk amounts
  • Ice bin holds 300 lbs of ice, or 30 of our 10 lbs bags
  • Can create up to 120 of our 10 lbs bags in just 24 hours
  • Measures 4.3’ W x 3’ D x 8’6” H