Better Ice

Our Story

Fresher, Cleaner, Less Expensive

North Carolina Icehouse set out to revolutionize the way people buy their ice and water. Today, we’re one of the leading ice vending machine operators in North Carolina. We changed the way that small businesses and consumers buy their ice and water in bulk, leading the industry in filtering technology that delivers a higher quality product and improves on cost efficiency. We did it all while reducing our carbon footprint, too.

If you need ice quickly for work, a picnic, tailgate, sports event or party, you don’t have to rely on your own freezer. You also don’t have to settle for bagged ice from store that’s old and stale by the time it gets into your cup. Now you can get fresh ice on demand when you need it at a convenient location near you.

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Fresher, Cleaner, Less Expensive ice from North Carolina Icehouse